Leica Monochrom

Written by svivekin

In a world where consumers are moving towards megapixels and fast AF, I decided to slow down and head in a direction that I always wanted to.

Enter Leica Monochrom (M9M) AKA Henri Some useful links to read about the camera in detail.

What is special?    – Read about what makes this camera special in the world of colorful image producing cameras.

Why Monochrom? – Another great read about Henri

The world slowed down for me. The camera is a manual focus range finder camera. Simply point, focus and press the shutter. You can review the image but in reality untill you get home and transfer the image to your computer you are not sure if you got everything right.

What this means is on the field I am not distracted to keep reviewing the images or playing with the menu and settings but instead simply enjoy the process of photographing things around me. I want to emphasis that I am not taking away the joy of modern cameras and how they help a photographer but what Henri allowed me to do is get back to basics.

My current set up includes the Canon 50mm 0.95 Dream lens converted to M Mount by DAG and the Leica 75mm Summilux F1.4. I shoot mostly portraits and both these lenses have served me really well. I will be adding a 24mm or 21mm shortly

I believe these lenses were made for Black and white photography. This i realized when using them on Sony and finding their converted images extremely pleasant and had an unique look. The revelation for me was when i was viewing my pictures on my TV screen via the chrome cast. The dream lens and 75mm pictures at such big size were just magical.

Why not

  • Brings back joy
  • Pushes you to learn
  • Lighter and smaller as a set up
  • Takes manual flashes 
  • Shutter sound is divine


  • Not for everyone
  • Your color to B&W is still good 
  • Not fast, No AF
  • Expensive

Enough Text - Images

Evening Sky
Weekly beach day
At Sriharikota for the PSLV launch
An evening in the Terrace
Our Terrace time
My Dad
Soccer time
Against the Sun
Dreamy afternoon
Afternoon DR
Our Beagle – Pattani
Pattani – Dream 50mm Canon Lens

Images from Monochrom

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