Canon 1D – 4MP Giant

Written by svivekin
Return of the Classic Canon

Canon 1D Classic is a gigantic 4MP camera with a stunning CCD sensor that produces colors as good as any modern sensors.

  • 4.48 MP CCD sensor
  • 8 fps
  • 1/16,000 sec Shutter
  • 1/500 Flash Sync
  • 45 Point AF
  • Gamma Curve
  • 12 Bit Raw
  • Adobe Raw color matrix 
  • CF Card etc

This is the 4th installment of this camera. This time it will stay with me for a longer time.  This was the first canon Digital pro DSLR. It is a digital replica of Canon-1V and a response to Nikon D1, a 2.66 MP CCD sensor camera from Nikon. It has a nice 1.3X cropped sensor with a 10.8*10.8 pixel size. 

Read the most detail review  here


What is so special?

The pro DSLR series from Canon has remained almost the same. This also means these are weather proof, heavy, ready to shoot at any time, any where cameras. The buttons and controls are created with pro photographers in mind and that also means you have to use two hands to make every change you want to. The camera is a speed demon in every aspect from switching on to taking the first picture. It is almost 18 years since this camera was announced and the AF will be faster or comparable to the Sony A7RIII series if not faster.



File Size

The raw files from this camera has colors that i have not seen for a long time. The reds look red and the greens look green. There is a true color to the pictures

The camera is 4 MP. There is no 1:1 zoom or 1:3 zoom that will show cropping capability of the images. But the sharpness of this sensor is very organic. There are times you can use the images directly after shooting.

I may have to attribute the contrast the images have to the CCD sensor. Even old lenses from the grave have micro contrast.

Most important area where i feel the camera is special is the size of the images. I will take years to fill a 3TB drive. It is small, enough for a A3 size print and images are amazing.

RAW headroom

Biggest strength is the ability to pull 2 stops of highlights. There is so much information in the highlights like the picture above. The shadow has no details. Best way to shoot is to over expose the images by 2 stops at least to ensure you have good details in the shadows.

Special Images
At the Beach – Edited from Raw file

Flash at 1/2000

Black and White Conversion

With Canon 14mm F1.8

Super Takumar 50mm, Flash at 1/3200
Sigma 40mm F1.4
Sigma 40mm F1.4
ISO 800 – Colors
ISO 800
ISO 800 – Yellow, Green and Red
Highlight slider completely to the left
Sigma 40mm F1.4

untitled shoot-118-Edit

untitled shoot-083-Edit

untitled shoot-055-Edit-Edit

untitled shoot-053-Edit

untitled shoot-048

untitled shoot-039

untitled shoot-016-2

untitled shoot-012-Edit

untitled shoot-011-2

untitled shoot-007-Edit

untitled shoot-005-Edit-2

untitled shoot-005-Edit





















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